Drain Field Remediation

If your drain field is showing signs of deterioration, be sure to call Flanigan Septic to take advantage of our outstanding drain field remediation and restoration services. Your drain field is a vital part of your septic system. If your drain field isn’t functioning as it should, the drainage from your septic system will have nowhere to go but your yard. If you find that the grass is much greener atop your drain field or that your backyard grass is perpetually wet or marshy, you have a drain field problem that needs our attention right away.

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Flanigan Septic has been operating since the 1980s and drain field remediation is one of the many septic system services we provide. Drain fields can become clogged for all sorts of reasons. Over time, its rock bed and soil layers can become clogged with cooking grease or even solids released from the septic tank that haven’t been effectively broken down. These materials restrict the flow of water from the tank and through the drain field. To further complicate the matter, the reduced flow means that the good bacteria that are part of the system do not receive the oxygen they need. Without bacteria, the waste materials cannot continue to be broken down, which only adds to the overall clogged system.


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Flanigan Septic Residential Pumping Service

Currently, Flanigan Septic offers residential pumping service throughout greater Atlanta. In the future, we will also offer commercial services. When our skilled service techs reach your home, they will access your septic tank. Once they find and remove its cover, they will start to pump out the sludge. When delivering pumping services, our technicians will inspect your septic tank to make certain there are no leaks or damage that needs to be repaired.

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We Specialize in Drain Field Remediation

If you find that the grass in your yard is always wet, you should call Flanigan Septic to investigate the problem. There’s every likelihood that you need us to repair and rejuvenate your drain field. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem can get. Ignoring the wet grass issue can lead to a layer of black slime that forms above your drain field. When this occurs, your bacteria are literally suffocating and will be unable to do their job breaking down waste material. You could then experience serious backups that are messy and a health hazard.

Flanigan Septic has the skill to properly assess a drain field problem and make all the necessary fixes so that this integral part of your system can get up and running again. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of drain field remediation.

Call Flanigan Septic if you suspect you have a drain field problem. We can provide fast and efficient service to ensure that this essential system of your home is working the way it’s meant to.