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Importance of Pumping Your Septic Tank

If you live in the Atlanta region and have a septic system, Flanigan Septic is here to provide all your septic system needs. We provide a comprehensive menu of service offerings including routine septic tank pumping. We can install new septic systems as well as maintain and repair current septic systems. Our rates are affordable and our technicians are first rate. If you require any septic system service, family-owned Flanigan Septic is available to provide 24/7 emergency service. We are there when you need us!

Your septic tank is part of an essential system of your home. Although you might not think about this apparatus most days, it does require periodic maintenance to ensure that it works properly. Routine pumping is vital for the septic tank. Our techs can efficiently pump unwanted sludge from your septic tank, which could otherwise accumulate and cause a system back-up. We recommend that you have your tank pumped every three years. You might want to have it pumped every two years if you live in a busy household. We can help you determine the ideal pumping schedule for your home.

Sludge Formation: Why Does It Happen?

When waste from your home is delivered to your septic tank, it is processed with the help of bacteria. This process results in the separation of the waste into two parts: liquid that can be dispersed to the drain field and sludge that must remain in the tank where it settles to the bottom. This sludge must be manually pumped from the tank at some point–a point before it can become a problem for your system. If your sludge is allowed to accumulate, it could cause a serious clog. Too much sludge can lead to a back-up in your home or lead to a problem for your drain field, which can be expensive to fix. With careful maintenance, you can avoid these types of back-ups and environmental problems.


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Flanigan Septic Residential Pumping Service

Currently, Flanigan Septic offers residential pumping service throughout greater Atlanta. In the future, we will also offer commercial services. When our skilled service techs reach your home, they will access your septic tank. Once they find and remove its cover, they will start to pump out the sludge. When delivering pumping services, our technicians will inspect your septic tank to make certain there are no leaks or damage that needs to be repaired.

Septic Tank Pumping Gainesville GA

Flanigan Septic has been serving the greater Atlanta region for more than three decades. We are a premier residential septic system service that you can count on to provide all your system’s maintenance and repair needs. If you notice that your drains are slow or that your backyard grass is perpetually wet, we suggest you call us immediately to schedule an inspection. If you require septic tank pumping, be sure to call us so we can visit at your convenience.