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Routine Sewer Cleaning

Flanigan Septic features stellar sewer cleaning services that we can deliver on a scheduled or emergency basis. If you experience a blockage in the pipe that runs between your home and your town’s sanitary sewage system, we can clear the blockage so you enjoy free-flowing pipes again. If the blockage is due to damaged pipe, we can also make any repairs you may need.

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Sewer pipes can become clogged with all sorts of debris that include cooking grease, debris, soil, or even tree roots. It’s not uncommon for rags and other household debris to become introduced into the sewage pipe from your home’s toilets or drains. Routine sewer cleaning ensures that these items get pushed through the system before they can lead to a full-blown clog that can cause sewage backup in your home–a veritable nightmare of a problem.

Many customers prefer to schedule routine sewer cleaning to head-off clogs before they can lead to messy problems. If you notice that your drains are slow, you might want to call us out for a cleaning or to investigate what might be happening with your system.

Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Flanigan Septic owns state-of-the-art sewer cleaning equipment that is designed to safely but effectively remove clogs and clean drains. We can efficiently clean large and small-diameter pipes to achieve the results you need. Our waterjets can thoroughly scour away grease, debris, and even roots. We can also provide an optical inspection to assess whether there is any damage to your sewer line that may be caused by tree roots or broken sections of pipe. Powerful augers can also be used to break throughout clogs and achieve the fix you need.


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Flanigan Septic Residential Pumping Service

Currently, Flanigan Septic offers residential pumping service throughout greater Atlanta. In the future, we will also offer commercial services. When our skilled service techs reach your home, they will access your septic tank. Once they find and remove its cover, they will start to pump out the sludge. When delivering pumping services, our technicians will inspect your septic tank to make certain there are no leaks or damage that needs to be repaired.

Expert Technicians

Flanigan Septic features expert technicians who have years of experience in the sewer cleaning and septic service business. Our technicians are trained and highly skilled to deliver reliable expertise for your residential sewer and septic system needs. Our techs are available 24/7 to deliver emergency service. If you notice a backup due to a clogged drain or flooding in your area, you can call our team to help you manage this issue.

Flanigan Septic serves communities throughout the Atlanta region. Sewer cleaning is all in a day’s work for our techs. We regularly deliver this service to our clients throughout Atlanta. If you have a drain problem and suspect a sewer clog, we invite you to call us right away so we can provide the sewer line cleaning you need.